Friday, February 4, 2011


Inspired by a tweet from @lukeisbazooka72 on twitter, my Myers rap.

Standing 6 foot 8 like a skating tree,
Myers coming at you with insanity.

Lurching around like he's out of luck,
Suckered you! He's already gone with the puck.

Blazing through the neutral zone like a bullet,
only way to look smoother? Sport a mullet.

Watch out Goalie he just torched your "D",
and now you're stuck alone with a skating tree.

Fifty seven dekeing to the left and the right,
try to follow every move? you'll see a red light.

Sitting back you just try to enjoy the show,
He just winds up with a slapper and he lets it go.

Off your noggin and into the goal,
Hey at least he didn't beat you five-hole.

Hopefully she worked on one as well for comparison. I put this together in 10 minutes.

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