Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Sabres thoughts

Inspired by Katebits, master of thought enumeration, I make my own attempt. I'm probably revisiting a lot of things other people have already talked about, but I just started this thing this week. :-p

1. Sabres season ticket prices went up again this year. I was lightly rebuked on twitter (by James Mirtle no less) that it was only $1-4 per game. However, when I first got section 311 tickets for the 2006-2007 season, they were only $1722. These same tickets now cost the same as a center ice ticket in the 300 level, $2378. Between losing the cheaper price for selecting a seat closer to the "end-zone" and overall increases in prices, that's a $656 (nearly 40%) increase in just 4 years. I think I have a right to be mildly upset.
(Non-NHL aside - the dictionary definitions of chide and rebuke are much harsher than I thought they were)

2. So the Sabres season is over and while the playoffs have been fun, they were definitely a disappointment from a Buffalo perspective. I've been struggling to even root against the Flyers these playoffs as they did us the favor of humiliating the Bruins (and how!). Overall, I've felt detached from these playoffs - much more so than in previous years. I am rooting for the Hawks, and I'm still watching the games, but I'm mostly indifferent to the outcomes and that's a little strange for me.

3. I love Drew Stafford's twitter personality. I hate Drew Stafford's on-ice personality.

4. Tim Connolly. I like Timmy. He was awful in the playoffs and I hated his statements afterwards, but I like the dude and wish he could be pre-Peter Schaefer Timmy again. That said, a change of scenery might do wonders for the guy (and our team).

5. Derek Roy. I hate Derek Roy. His regular season has been maddening for the last 3 years and his attitude makes me want to hurl a ferret at a baby. That said, I thought he stepped up in the playoffs and showed why the Sabres identified him as an up-and-coming star a few years ago. I guess he should be kept around a bit longer despite my clamoring for the Sabres to trade him for the past few years.

Thinking I might work on a free-agency post sometime after the playoffs are over (Hopefully by Monday).

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  1. I learned long ago that you have to pick a Western Conference team (it wasn't the Western Conference back then) to root for *just in case* the Sabres don't go all the way. (o=